The End

The Hyperlink Battle project is over. During 27 days we shared awesome (and sometimes not so awesome) hyperlinks. But the idea was never simply curating and sharing websites, the goal was to remember the world that the internet is inclusive and democratic.

And we need to thank you all for voting, commenting and sharing every Hyperlink Battle day. You are a big part in this journey. Today Julian Boledi designed a GIF to express our love for all the votes we received =).


And to put an end on this. We announce the winner:

> Zeh fucking hyperlink king Fernandes <

Now the loser Murilo not-so-good-with-links Mafra will pay a prank in the next few days. He will choose three letters that he lost in the battle and he will hit the streets trying to convince random people that his link deserve their attention. We will record it and send it to you. ( I’m sure it will be funny haha)

Again, thank you for participating with us.

We sketched a plan for next year. We want to turn the battle into a team competition with different people around the world. And you can be one of them, if you are interested just write your name and email on this Google Docs form.

Bye Bye and until next year ;)